How to make a Washi Tape Frame

This cute fame is simple and easy to make, all you have to do is purchase a wood frame from a craft store near you.  Choose about 4 different coordinating washi tape colors.  Cut a strip of washi tape and start at the top corner of the frame and wrap the washi tape around the frame.  If it is too long in the back just trim the tape.  Keep adding the coordinating colors of washi tape in any pattern  you choose,  When you get to the picture opening just keep adding your washi tape and cover up the opening.  After you have finished take a razor blade and cut around the opening, but not too close, you want to be able to wrap the washi tape to the back of the frame.

Add embellishments and sentiments to  your frame!

Add a cute photo and your ready to display your frame. Its that simple.


Here are a few Washi Tape Frames I have made.


washi tape frame File Aug 22, 10 19 43 AM


Happy Stampin’ and Scrapin


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